About the EDC

The European Defence Conference (EDC) is an independent interactive two day conference to improve cooperation in Defence and Security technology and capability development. The aim is to foster cooperation in the defence and security sector between private companies, research organisations, governments and international organisations. The programme contains many options for discussion, debate and Europe wide networking.

The EDC cooperates intensively with the European Defence Agency (EDA), NATO HQ, NATO RTA, the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission (DG ENTR), the Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of Europe (ASD) and others.

The EDC aims to be as independent as possible from the major players in the defence and security sector. Necessary funding is obtained from participants, exhibitors and multiple sponsors. One single major sponsor will not be accepted. This independency allows the EDC to be a platform for informal but structured and constructive discussions between NATO, EU, national government and industry representatives.

2012 edition
Building on the success of the first edition of the European Defence Conference in October 2011 in Warsaw, the second edition of the conference will be held in Prague in October 2012.

The 2012 edition will focus on the NATO SMART Defence initiative, discuss obstacles towards cooperation, options for Private financing in harsh economical times and many more issues relevant for cooperation.
The programme contains plenary sessions where high level Authorities explain their vision on the future of cooperation in Europe. An important part of the conference however is dedicated to interactive sessions where specialists and participants will be asked to voice their views. Results of these discussions will be shared with policy makers in Governments, Industry Associations, the European Defence Agency and NATO.
In a separate track technological challenges, practical R&T results and proposals for new cooperative projects will be presented and reviewed. This will be an opportunity to learn about, discuss, propose, or join new projects.

See the Conference Programme pages for more detail and follow the link "Your Contribution" to file an abstract. 
A PDF version of the EDC2012 brochure and the Call for Papers can be found on our downloads page.

A few sessions during the EDC are plenary for all participants. Important policies, views and news is presented by top-level authorities.
Other sessions are split over two tracks:
Track 1. Strategies for cooperation - How can we cooperate better and more effectively. What do we need to do to achieve this.
Track 2. Technologies for the future - Which technologies are important for defence and security applications in the future and how can we work together to develop capabilities using these technologies.

During the EDC four types of sessions are scheduled. In all session dialogue and debate is being stimulated.
Keynote and plenary sessions will usually take 45 minutes, where we ask speakers to limit their presentation to 20-25 minutes and allow ample time for discussion. Lecture sessions are similar and deal with a specific issue in one of both tracks.
In Panel discussions, Debate sessions and Snap-shot and Poster sessions two hours are dedicated to the particular subject matter of the session.
More details about these types of sessions is given in the next paragraphs.

Panel discussions
During the EDC2012 a number of panel discussions are being scheduled. These sessions take two hours and start with an introduction of 15-20 minutes by each of the panel members. Each panel member is invited to address the issue from a different perspective. These presentations cover just about the first hour of the session. The second hour will be dedicated to discussion between the panel members and with the audience. Questions may be filed in advance or just asked during the session. The most relevant elements discussed and new insight will be
shared with the conference participants during the closing session.

Debate sessions

Three debate sessions are scheduled during the EDC2012. During these sessions the audience will be the main participant in the discussion.
Each two hour session starts with one or two introductions by a specialist in the subject matter. In the second phase of the debate session participants will be invited to
table ideas and answer questions in small groups of about 8 participants. Ideas and potential solutions will be integrated at the end of the session and shared with the conference participants during the closing session.

Snap-shot and poster sessions
In these two sessions presenters are invited to explain their research results or plans for a cooperative project in a very short and interesting presentation. 5 - 10 minutes should be enough to explain the nature and essence of the subject matter and raise interest in the audience. There is no time scheduled for questions and answers. Each snap-shot session is followed by a scientific poster presentation in the exhibition area. Questions on the presentations can be answered and discussed directly with the presenters during this part of the session.