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Programme Committee

In order of entry

OrganisationLocationEmail     Telephone
Capt RNLNavy (rtd) Jan WindWISER ConsultancyLeiden, The Netherlandsjw@wisernl.com
Dr. Merle Missoweit
Fraunhofer INT
Euskirchen, Germany
merle.missoweit@int.fraunhofer.de +49 2251 18315
Mr. Milos Jovanovic
Fraunhofer INT
Euskirchen, Germany
Milos.Jovanovic@int.fraunhofer.de +49 2251 18265
Mr. Gerlof de Wilde
European Defence Agency (EDA)
Brussels, Belgium
Mr. Olympios Raptis
Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD)
Brussels, Belgium
Dr. Peter Collins    
SELEX Galileo    
United Kingdom
Mr. Holger Bahle
NATO Policy Division
Brussels, Belgium

The European Defence Conference was created and developed by an international team led by
Capt. RNLNavy (rtd) Jan Wind and Dr. Merle Missoweit.

Capt RNLNavy (ret) Jan Wind enjoyed a career of almost 35 years in the Netherlands Navy, specialized in Electronic Engineering and Management. He led numerous national and international projects to establish new capabilities for the Netherlands armed forces.
After his retirement in 2007 he established WISER Consultancy to focus on creation of international cooperation and strategies for future defence and security capability development.
Additionally Jan Wind is Chairman for Defence and Security of the Royal Institute of Engineers KIVI NIRIA in the Netherlands and (acting) President of the Federation of European Defence Technology Associations EDTA.

Dr. Merle Missoweit
studied biology and physics at the University of Bonn and Lisbon. She received a PhD in Evolutionary Biology.
Since 2007 she is senior scientist of the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis in Euskirchen, Germany. Her focus is on European cooperation in the defence and security technology sector.