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May newsletter of the European Defence Conference 2012 and updated programme Brochure

posted 15 May 2012, 03:30 by Jan Wind   [ updated 15 May 2012, 11:20 ]
The 2nd edition of the EDC, focussed on improvement of European cooperation in Defence Technology and Capability development, will be held on 9 and 10 October in Prague.
Please read about additional high level speakers, the call for papers and the closing date of early bird registrations.

In times of economic austerity European cooperation is becoming more and more important to maintain or improve our defence capabilities, we can read in many communications of NATO, EU, EDA, national governments and think tanks. This statement is very true: sharing costs is often less expensive than paying the bill all by yourself!

In defence technology and capability development cross-border cooperation however is more complex than in many other economic sectors. Security policies and issues, national and industrial interests, and other factors contribute to this complexity. Many nations, industries and other players are trying to find the best options and opportunities for cooperation, but false starts and failures still occur too often.

The EDC2012 brings together representatives of governments, industry, multinational organisations and research organisations who are trying to find more effective solutions for European cooperation. Information on new plans, policies and current Europe wide projects is given in several high level keynotes and lecture sessions. Most of the conference is however dedicated to interactive sessions where hands-on experience can be exchanged, new ideas developed and your network dedicated to cooperation can be improved.

We are glad to announce a number of speakers who confirmed their participation since our April newsletter:
  • Mr. Ernest J. Herold, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment will give a keynote speech on Options for industrial cooperation as a consequence of the NATO Smart Defence initiative;
  • Dr. Paul Weissenberg, Deputy Director General of the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry will give a keynote titled: Security and Defence Industry: Meeting Future Challenges;
  • Mr. Christian Bréant, Director Research and Technology of the European Defence Agency, will speak on Dependencies in Europe on technology and capabilities;
  • Mr. Ivan Dvořák, Director Policy of the MoD of the Czech Republic, will speak on interdependency issues related to the Visegrád Four Group cooperation of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary;
  • Mr. Hartmut Bühl, editor in chief of “The European – Security and Defence Union" magazine, will chair the panel discussion on Long term defence cooperation in EU/NATO;
  • Mr. Pavel Černý, Director Armaments Management Department and Deputy NAD of the MoD of the Czech Republic will chair the Snap-shot and poster session on R&T project results;
  • Dr. Peter Essens, Principal Scientist in Behavioural and Societal Sciences of TNO in the Netherlands will introduce the debate session on Human aspects of cooperation;
Call for papers: “R&T project results” and “Proposals for new cooperative projects”
During these sessions results and new proposals may be presented in high paced presentations of about 10 minutes. Here you can showcase your R&T results and propose new projects in order to find opportunities for use, development partners and funding opportunities.
After the last presentation in each session, the participants will move to the exhibition area where posters of the projects will be displayed. Here, discussions, further explanations can take place and new cooperation may emerge.
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Jan Wind,
15 May 2012, 03:30
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